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April 04, 2011


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Thank you for that. I love owls, though I have never seen a live one, except once in Bali - a big white one sitting on the back of the driver's seat in a fancy white sportscar (also a rarity in Bali).


I'm glad you posted these! I enjoyed both, and am pleased you could be there to sketch these faces, some very familiar, some not.

Such a moving post. And beautiful sketches. I've just began sketching again - I'd forgotten how free it feels :0)

These portraits are great, Laura! And I like having her words along with the link--it's marvelous to hear poets read their own work, isn't it? You hear their intended inflections, etc. Lovely.

Beautiful sketches and a wonderful poem. When we lived across from the woods I often saw them once I learned how to look.

You are such a dear person, Laura, and a wonderful artist. Thanks for sharing this.

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