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May 22, 2011


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Thanks so much, everyone! With these the process varies. Sometimes, I splash the colors first and then go out and draw in the garden. Sometimes I draw outside first and splash inside!

Linda, I've used Opera pink, terre verte, yellow ochre, ultraviolet, ultramarine blue, transparent Pyrole orange.

Laura, hope you have had more good ink-and-paint frolics in the sun since this one--don't think I will be in North Carolina till August and am not sure where, but please write and let me know if you will be in during that month...

Oh my! One could learn so much from these sketches!! I'm going to study them until I'm blind! ;-) Beautiful!

Laura, what's your process? Do you paint first and then add the drawing or draw and then add color? I love the looseness of your work.

Such joy and spontaneity in these sketches! I'm still *planting* here in our CT garden (yesterday was the first sunny day after a week of rain) but hope to get out there and sketch soon.

I always enjoy looking at your beautiful watercolor flowers!

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