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July 15, 2011


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These have a freshness that speaks to the work of Raoul Dufy.

Tania, I'm a BIG fan of you!!! Mindy, yes, she did and we are all richer for it.

Thanks so much, everyone!! Glad some of you like these because I'm painting these with lots of joy! Linda, I'm using mostly FW acrylic inks and regular acrylics, too... too many colors to list. These are really more about movement than specific colors anyway. Lucy, you are a dear to drop by. I'm going to catch up on your inspiring and beautiful blog this afternoon. Dana, thank you, I hope you are, too. Lianne, just have a glass of wine or two and let loose ;D.

Oh that's good, the quote, I'd not heard it before. The paintings are better than good. You certainly don't have to worry about odious comparisons with others! The splashy top ones are especially delicious.

What a profusion of dancing flowers, Laura. This is the time when the garden is just bursting forth, and your paintings reflect that. Gorgeous!

Lovely work, and thank you for reminding us of this quote from Martha Graham. She understood creativity in a truly special way, didn't she?

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