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July 29, 2011


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Oh but autumn and flowers have ways of surprising us...

These continue to be stunning, I especially love that white flower in the third one which is in fact mostly pale green but in being pale green succeeds in being intensely white.

Draintings and Prawings: no! Something with wings would be fine, but nothing drain-ish!

I agree with Beth: they have vigor and the energy that runs through creation. The "force that through the green fuse drives the flower" is in those wilding, free marks.

Laura, It doesn't matter what you call them there just beautiful!! What are the colors you are using?They are wonderful,
Have a great day,

Flower power! That's what i call it! With such gestural and confident strokes, these really work for me too :0)

Laura, I've been enjoying these all summer since you started posting them. It's interesting how the darker backgrounds change the feeling. But what I like most is the vigor of the line: it's full of the tremendous life inside growing things, and that's what seems absent in so much flower painting. They're like jazz!

'Course, it occurs to me, I'd also need a sun-soaked, elegant island to go with that, but then, you could paint me that, too...

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