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August 08, 2011


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Thanks so much, you all! Robyn, I do both, back and forth. I guess, in the past, I've more often put the shapes in first.
Kate, I admit I've used flowers from the farmers' market on and off in the past month. My garden suffered a lot in July, though it's coming back some now.
Concetta, I love you! That comment made me very happy! (I love jazz, too ;D.)

If there wre musical styles in painting, I'd call yours jazz, definitely- improvisation, rythm and surprise! lovely

I'd love to see your garden...the paintings from it are glorious!

Love these especially the top one for its freshness & clean colours.

Lots of movement in those flowers and love the colors. Do you paint the color first and then the squiggly black shapes or vice versa?

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