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September 14, 2011


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Thanks so much for the encouragement, you all! I'm now working in a larger scale and with more pared-down compositions. I'm eager to get back to these after I return from France!

Lovely frolicking pieces, Laura!

I love these paintings, such beautiful colours and movement.

these are wonderful, very reminiscent of peacock feathers to my eye.

Yes, it is often more thought provoking when there is a healthy dollop of imagination injected in to a painting! I love these lively pieces :0)

Yes, it's exciting, isn't it? So much energy in these new pieces, and I like not only their free, gestural quality but also the interplay of cool and warm moving backward and forward. They remind me, oddly, of looking through a microscope at samples of pond water - the layers of intricate detail that you pass through as you change the focus, each one containing a whole world. Have a great trip! We'll compare notes when we both get back!

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