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January 19, 2012


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Thanks for visiting the North Carolina Art Museum!

Lovely sketches: have a grand time.

Side note on Cathy's remark: I used to take zinc (Zicam) but don't now--connected with loss of smell. http://www.consumer-health.com/services/cons_take48.php

You got the 'heartbreakingly beautiful' quality down Laura! Hope you're over the cold quickly so you can really enjoy the lithography workshop - take zinc!

These sketches are exquisite! Aside from the beautiful colours, it's those lively pen marks that really do it for me. You inspire me ALWAYS! Can I ask you a question? I have never yet managed to find a sketchbook that I am happy with, one that can take a wash but is also suitable for pen too. Can you recommend any that have plenty of pages but are not overly priced? I would love to know what you use :0)


So glad to hear about the Museum, dear Laura! Safe trip and have a wonderful, fulfilling time...

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