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February 13, 2012


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I recently bought Urban Sketchers but hadn't seen the other - I've now just ordered it! Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing it with us. xx

Thanks for the summary of this movement!! And thanks for the link! I totally agree with everything you say, I've caught the sketching bug myself ;-)

Very cool that your sketches are included! I'm checking both books out now.

Hi Laura, thank you so so so much.
How could I tell you how much I look forward to meet you (once an for all!!! :) and give you a big hug!

Miguel's book looks like a treat, Laura--thanks for the heads up. And my Art of Urban Sketching came recently--I love it! It'll be one of those books I go back to again and again.

A great piece about some of the history, and a hat's off to the terrific starters. I got the Urban Sketchers book, a no brainer here in the States, but I had to unpack my cart at Miguel's beautiful book as the cost to ship is as much as his book. But, perhaps I'll get to Europe and get it there.


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