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February 09, 2012


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Great sketches despite the weather. I hope you had a lovley time with your daughter.

Oh, no, Laura! So sorry you didn't get good weather to welcome you there. Your sketches are beautiful, just the same. I hope you get to head back there another time when the weather gods are cooperating.

I did wonder about the museums. They were also closed when it snowed when I lived there. I was hoping you would have had better luck with that.

You made a wonderful time of it in spite of obstacles! Looking forward to more sketches...and yep, looks like time for a new scanner. We're in the market too...

I'm DYING to see more Laura!
You should choose artichokes as a theme...
Guess what, forecast is snow tomorrow and all public offices and monuments will be closed- AGAIN- and Parks have been shut for fear of falling branches! We'll see...the sun was shining and it was 8° cent. today. I'll be out sketching if it snows again. Twice is un-be-lie-va-ble.
Good luck with the scanner.xxx

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