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April 23, 2012


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Wonderful explosive, fiery paintings Laura, in some ways so different from your other work, but somehow, completely yours!

These are so vivid. It is so interesting to see how you approach new challenges over time.

What grand brushstrokes and lively spit and spatter!

Interesting the way they are so bold and simplified that I can imagine some people reading them as abstractions. And yet, not at all! I suppose that happens whenever one gets close to the elements, particularly fire and water.

What a powerful selection of paintings! They really are oozing heat! They also look like they were great fun to paint with all that spattering! You have chosen a wonderful subject for a series :0)

Very cool. I can imagine that they are much more beautiful in person, too. I can imagine this series on the wall of a very high end and modern restaurant.
Water, fire, I wonder what will be next?

these are getting more and more drama - gorgeous!

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