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April 03, 2012


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Well ya better print more 'cause I want one :D
Keep it up Laura..

Lovely sketches, full of energy. The angels are living, not sculptures.

Lovely. I like the combination of angels and volcanoes! Glad to see more sketches...

Is that possible, that facebook-here business? People often comment more on fb than on blogs, I note. Then all that cleverness goes poof! into the fb-distance.

Hope you have a good egg hunt scheduled for tomorrow. Something grand about a little one and an egg hunt. Maybe because they were eggs not long ago!

Love these, Laura! Your sketches are always so beautiful.~

Oh, great. Now I've made my comments disappear! I was trying to make it possible to comment here from Facebook. My mistake. Will try to undo.

Thanks so much, dear Sue and Sandra. This angel and the Bernini ones in Rome are so compelling to me right now.
Sandra, my sketches are drawn on site. Always. I used to try to add paint on site, too, but that is just too time-consuming, messy, and sometimes not allowed... as is the case in museums. I add paint later. Sometimes I don't add paint at all, as you see in the self portrait. When I'm illustrating or making larger paintings, I will use photographic references and my own sketches, too, as information sources. Sandra, you are just, well, adorable. It had to be said ;D.

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