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May 22, 2012


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Thanks for the thoughtful comments! Wendy, luckily I had no limits on size, so I was able to write what I wanted. It might be fun for you to write a statement just for YOU, without limits, to see what you end up saying!

really personal, "shape shifter" is-wow,makes you think.
I like that there's no high-brow explanation of complicated "messages" or "projects". Art is flowing energy, controlled energy, anyway energy that through our senses takes shape for others to sense. Let them do the thinking and wording.
Laura, that's you and is perfect.

You are right that so many artist's statements are in artspeak. However though I've done many, they always seems to want only 50 words, or 100 words. I always seem to have to write a new one for a new purpose, so I'm always having to open a whole lot of files to find the most appropriate one to update. Mine are certainly nothing like yours as so much shorter, and not really giving scope for explanation.

Lovely paintings.

My statement is boring and I am constantly tweeking, doesn't help there are different versions - for my site, for my blog etc

Oh, I think it's excellent, Laura, and very true--you ARE a "restless artist," in the sense that you are continually testing/pushing yourself, and trying different means of communicating your vision. I look at these rocks and water and compare/contrast them to earlier versions of the same subject, and they're constantly evolving--beautiful! Lots of luck with the solo show!

Writers hate helping to write "flap copy," summing up their books in 200 words or so...

"Exuberance is beauty." One thing that defines you, for me! Of course, that was one of the Proverbs of Hell, which plays with contraries, so I'm not sure exactly what Blake meant, but he certainly had both exuberance and beauty. xo

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