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May 22, 2012


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Thank you SO much, Miss Kate and Casey and Sandra. Sandra, will I find your statement on your blog? Would love to read it! I need to bounce over and see what you're up to ;D.
Kate, your comments mean so much to me. Casey, yours, too, absolutely. Thank you. And we do need to catch up soon!!
Larry, yes! So glad to hear affirmation of this prejudice of mine ;D. And thank you for the second part of your comment.

Artists statements almost always make the artist seem like a pompous a#%. I like how you describe your passion for the journey but humbly admit that you may not always be driving. Nicely done.

I like it, and I almost never like artist's statements. Often when I know the artist, I feel as though the statement is completely unrelated to the person I know. Not yours - this is beautiful and original - just like you are. There is a certain undefinable Laura quality which jumps out of all your work - which I would be hard put to describe. The examples above share it.
I miss you - hope to talk soon!

I love the personal magic in your statement, AND in your art. It's you...

Oh I can completely empathise with you! I have just recently had to compose my own Artist Statement for a Gallery. It feels so alien writing about myself in that way. Still, I had to do it and like you, I really didn't want to come up with anything pretentious at all because that's just not me!
Your statement reads perfectly and is not at all pretentious! And as for the artwork that goes with it? Well it's, as always, inspiring. I LOVE the rocks and water. It really does ooze energy :0)

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