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June 14, 2012


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Am I going mad? I thought I commented on this glorious sketch - I remember saying 'Vintage Laura'. Maybe it was on Facebook. Anyway, who wouldn't drool over all this studio space.

Thrilled of course that we are going to be together for the first time in a couple of weeks! And thank you everyone else for thinking I might be worth meeting! ;)

What a lovely space.

Love this page, great colours.

Have a fabulous trip to Tuscany & Umbria. Jealous :P Have a great time & I look forward to the sketches you and Robyn do.

Messy??? I don't think so!! What a gorgeous space to work in! It might as well be a sweet shop to me, all of those art materials everywhere! Hmm... maybe I should have mine all out on display like that instead of in drawers and boxes!
Enjoy your sketchy day with Robyn :0)

Have a wonderful time, Robyn is so lovely, say hello from me xx

Oh, you'll meet Robyn! Fabulous. I'll look forward to hearing of your exploits. Enjoy!

What a gloriously serene place to work...and hugs to Robyn when you see her, please!

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