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August 10, 2012


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Laura - how beautiful - your play is inspired! I tend to putter around, eventual puttering my way all the way up to the easel.

Thanks, Sandra, Lianne, and Jennifer! Lianne, the flowers were done in lots of colors from the hot end of the spectrum on my watercolor palette. I think I used alizarin crimson, quinacridone coral, burnt scarlet maybe. I see red Pentel color brush pen marks on one of them and some red violet acrylic ink on the top left one.

Gorgeous Laura! Especially that last one. I'm the same way about commissions... But if I do like you did, and just swirl the oen or brush around having some fun, I even find the energy and focus for the commission. I'm hoping we hear something about Urban Sketchers Carolinas soon...!

Hi, what colour/medium are the red flowers at the top. That is the most luscious red I've ever seen. Beautiful.

I've started colouring in adult colouring books as a warm up routine. It's just a way to see some colour and enjoy it without the pressure of doing something too clever before I've really woken up.

Oh I know what you mean - Commissions are bitter sweet aren't they? On the one hand we need to earn and it's nice that somebody picks us to do the work - on the other it's so often far from what we enjoy doing!
I love your flower sketches - they are gorgeous! And I hope that you show us the pigs too :0)

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