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December 05, 2012


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Thank you, Leslie! I used white acrylic ink mixed, in some areas, with a little yellow oxide watercolor. I LOVE that paper!! I asked Michael Kalman at Stillman & Birn to please make a sturdy book with sturdy toned paper, but I won't hold my breath ;D. I don't know that there'd be a huge market for it, other than me and my penchant for cold and rainy places.

Laura, these are lovely as always!! I love to see your work, and the colored paper really shows these off. I am itching to know how you did the frothy topping on that hot chocolate!!

Thanks, you all! Lois, I enjoyed reading your post this morning on your visit to MOA. I wish I'd had more time, too, to sketch there. Sherry and Kate, it's funny how much people like the hot chocolate sketch! I woke up in the middle of the night trying to figure out the recipe the Blue Parrot Café used for it. It was actually quite light and refreshing... well, except for the half pint of whipped cream ;D.

Wow - that white on the grey paper is so effective! Gorgeous sketches! :0)

Wonderful sketches, especially the hot chocolate!

Wonderful sketches of the artifacts in the MOA @ UBC. We visited the museum last month; totally impressed with the First Nation art collection. I agree no other museum can compare with the quality, variety and amount of items in the collection. Vancouver city and British Columbia is a beautiful area with diverse culture.

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