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February 01, 2013


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These studies are pure magic! So powerful and so light! Yes, please, paint your heart out! When it is that stunning, we just cry for more!!

Thanks for the comments, Marly, Lucy, Beth and Sandra! Sandra, it WAS awful. I felt I couldn't hold her back, though... and the year turned out to be a major turning point in her life.

I love exuberance and energy in art--these certainly have both.

Maybe you and Beth should meet up in Iceland some day...

These are terrific, I especially like the third, with that menacing angry red blossoming volcano.

A belated happy New Year and happy birthday to you!

I know what you mean, Laura. It's very difficult to keep that initial energy, as well as the initial gesture, in a finished work. Doing bigger pieces, quickly, one after another, without worrying about producing "finished" work would help a lot - I agree with that too! Maybe we are both headed in that direction, with Iceland as inspiration!

These are so wonderfully energetic!
I couldn't imagine Charlie leaving now for a year! That must have been awful! :0)

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