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March 24, 2013


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Thank you so much, everyone. Michele, I WILL sketch your house next time! Not sure when that will be, but will let you know in advance. Sue, Cecelia did some sketching, but nothing she was all that happy with, I think. Beth, I love both ends of the spectrum. from Mexico City (which I've never been to, but you have ;D) to Montreal.

I can't believe you got that much done! GORGEOUS. Love the peacock, especially.

Beautiful sketches, Laura! I've never been to Austin, but I sure am missing the colors and soft curves of the adobe buildings in Mexico. Montreal looks very grey, rectangular and boring right now!

These are great, Laura! Glad you're getting a visit with your daughter--did she sketch,too? I know she shares your talent there.

I wish I'd asked you to come sketch my house. What fun that would be for me. It's very colorful.
Glad you had fun. I love Austin.

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