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September 22, 2013


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Thank you, Miss Kate! Baby Miles is the biggest, biggest, BIGGEST blessing!!!

Oh, I LOVE the sketch of Kate and Miles...so beautiful! I missed this, before, but worth the wait--the wonderful sketches, the journal entry and baby Miles!

Thank you, dear Lucy. It's nice to BE back!

Lovely to see you again, and with such good cheer!

Hello, traveling Sue! Thank you for responding and for your good wishes. Yes, I did post something on Facebook about the Walter illustrations... at the first of this month. Can't wait to see what YOU'VE been up to while I haven't been looking!

Sandra! Thank you so much for answering my heartfelt cry for company ;D. And thank you, more importantly, for your understanding and good wishes. That's wonderful news about your daughter!! Your puppy should be much calmer by the time the baby arrives... we hope!

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