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August 05, 2014


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Sarah, I'm not aware of any. That would have been a great idea, though!

Any sketchcrawls organized at the Botanical Gardens?

Inspiring - as always!! :0)

Thank you so much, dear Lucy and Cecelia. I don't know about August in Brittany but I loved September there. If I had two lives, a good part of one of them would be spent there. Cecelia, I had forgotten that you and I talked about August light then. I love you and miss you terribly.

'The green fuse' is a great title. Your work looks ravishing as ever, I do like Ippy's artichoke flower too.

I'm not a great fan of August, I hate the flies most of all, but the baked goldenness of it can be lovely, and I kind of like a bit of chillier wet weather at this time sometimes. It reminds me of a bit in an Iris Murdoch novel ('The Sea, the Sea' I think) where it's cold and wet and 'not the yellow, Proven├žal August that the English dream of'. British summer holidays are short compared to most other countries, so much is invested in August weather!

Have fun in Italy, it sounds wonderful and you certainly deserve it.

Every August I think about the time, driving back from Ocracoke, that you called my attention to the change in the light and how much you loved it.

We had such a good visit and I miss you so much already!!!

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