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September 16, 2014


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Hi, Laura. It's Jo again. Just thought you should know: The pans that come in the palette are very tiny; so, I'm not sure if the jumbo pans would be large enough for your needs. Have you tried the Peerless Transparent Watercolor sheets? Good luck in your quest and safe travels.

Thanks for the link, Jo! That little palette looks so cute! I'm going to consider it... although it may be too late to order it for this trip. I paint big and use big brushes, but I could order the jumbo pans... hmmm.
I have taken really lightweight, larger plastic travel palettes when I've had to pare down before and I may do that again this time, for issues of time, primarily.
Thanks again for taking the time to share this good info!

Hi, I stubbled upon your blog today when searching for reviews on the Lowe-Cornell 7200 Ultra Round brushes. After reading your post I wondered if you had seen this travel kit: http://expeditionaryart.com/shop/art-toolkit/. (If you have concerns about opening this link, please search Expeditionary Art.)

I'm not an artist—just a supply junkie; thus, I ordered the watercolor palette. I received excellent service from Maria. I believe I had the palette in two or three days.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Jeff, that's a great idea! Will have to check that out... would need a pretty dark line. I'll google to get more info about it. And thank you so much for your very kind invitation. I will take you up on it one of these soon days.

Hi Laura,

One thing I do, and it's always a struggle to prune, is use a clutch pencil (2mm drafting) and carry a few different leads (can also carry colors). You can add a chisel point on the unused end for broad lines. A sharpener is built-in to the Staedtlers.

Have fun and remember you always have a standing invitation to visit Austin.

Jeff D

Ha ha, it DOES help me, Cathy! Thank you! I figure I'm finally going to test the "Less is more" hypothesis ;D. Anyway, I forgot I'll have to take a tiny spray bottle for water and a collapsible nylon water holder and a couple of paintbrushes. So there's going to be a little more of less, after all. Thanks so much for commenting. Nice to see you again!

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