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September 16, 2014


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You just can't imagine how much I understand what you mean!!! It even prevented me from sketching on the spot for years! Now I know roughly what to take, but it's still an agonizing question before each trip.
And I must tell you that whatever you use, your sketches are ALWAYS stunning. Does it help you? ;-)

Mitch, I want to come! There are so many places I want to go to! Morocco is on the list!

My goodness, Laura...what would it take to bring your talents to Morocco?

Oh, good, Judith! So glad my musings were helpful. I realize I often make my strongest images with limited means. Let me know how your beach sketching goes, if you please!

Perfect timing, Laura. Am going to the beach on Friday and wasn't sure what to take--always end up with way too many art things. Your list was a great guideline; sets my mind at ease...thank you!

Thanks so much, Libby. That sounds like a very handy method!

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