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November 02, 2014


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Ann, I'm so sorry you couldn't get the email option to work... I've tried it a few times since you wrote and I had no trouble. I hope others will tell me if they have the problem you had. As for the palette on that sketch... I'd have to look back at Schmincke's brochure if I still have it, or my own notes about it. I did a brief search the other day and couldn't lay my hands on it. Next week, when I get back from a trip, I will look again at the sketch and should be able to tell you something from just careful looking. I have not had the time to do that yet. Thank you for your interest.

Dear Laura: I could not get your email link to work, so I am posting a question here. I loved the watercolor you did in 2007 of the red and white camillias in a glass. Can you tell me which reds, greens and purples you used from Schmincke. I am assuming it was Schmincke. Thank you. Ann Gorgone

Thank you SO much, Christina and Kate! I love having friends ;D. Kate, Cecelia has a very distinctive style, doesn't she?

I really like the line weight in the bear picture. You're so talented - whatever the medium you still create great drawings!

I love seeing how different your images are! Maybe that's why I can't settle on a single medium or combination, that multiple personality thingie we share. These are So exciting...and oh my YES, Cecelia's quite wonderful, isn't she!

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