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November 09, 2014


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Thank you so much, Sue. I hope that whatever was causing you to need a laugh has resolved itself. You are the only person to have noticed my Miocene silliness, as far as I can tell! I've got a few mountain sketches from New Mexico to post, but it's Thanksgiving Day here and there's been lots to do in the past few days. Soon! Please take care.

I think you have captured the mountains so well.

You did make me laugh with the remembering comment, much needed this morning. Thanks.

The peach tree and cakes are besutifully sketched.

Thank you so much, Tracye. I checked your blog just now and I see you, too, love color! Your work is lovely. Thanks again for your nice comment.

I knew just after a quick glance those were the Dolomites! Small sketchbook or not, you did a lovely job getting their feeling and yours across. Happy to hear you enjoyed your time and found a place that calls to you! (for me that's Prague) All the best!

This are great sketches, so colorful.

Kate, I can't begin to tell YOU how much I appreciate your saying that! You are so gifted at supportive friendship, in addition to being a genius artist and writer!

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