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December 05, 2014


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Sue, thank you. Yes, the trip to New Mexico was so memorable. I'm collecting quite a range of mountain imagery (pardon the pun) in my mind's eye. It's pretty thrilling.

Kate, I thought you were lapsing into Old English for a second! Thank you, dear heart. Yes, I do the stitching together thing often, but these pages had buckled pretty badly, and scanning accentuates that. Of course, you can spend a LOT of time photoshopping out the buckles, but who needs that?! I decided it was better to just Iphone 'em.

And drat, that's WOULD not, not wold...

So glad I saw this, I wold NOT have wanted to miss your gorgeous sketches!

I'm scanning one page at a time of the big ones and then stitching them together with Photoshop...pain in the tusche!

These are lovely. Looks like you had a great trip.

Thank you so much, Terry! Coming from you, New Mexico photographer extraordinaire, that means a lot!

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