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January 04, 2015


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Good luck with this year. I'm sure your path will take you exactly where you need to be and bring you joy and happiness.

Hello Laure,
thanks for purchasing one of my calendars, I'm really glad to hear that you like it! By the way, I love your paintings, I'm happy for having had a chance of discovering your works :)

I love the picture of the mountains. It is very dynamic and has a nice sense of movement. Amazing work.

If you ever sell your Iceland paintings you must let me know, because I want one!

Thank you for your lovely comment, Roz. I will follow you, too and as always, with great interest. Your blog and your work always stimulate and inspire.

Laura, I'm looking forward to seeing where your painting and art take you this year. I love the vivid way you respond to the landscape in Iceland, Norway…they are very powerful pieces. Have a great art year wherever the path takes you.

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