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August 02, 2015


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Marly, I will! Can we trade heat for cold? xoox

I don't complain about heat--I save all my complaint-energy for Yankee winters...

Very enjoyable to see what you are doing. Be sure and share all the final boards: curious project.

Thank you for following along, Carol! I really appreciate it. The irony is that if I were less busy, I'd be sketching and posting more, so when you don't see me, that means I'm busy, busy. And yes, Carol and Robyn, the heat does take it out of us, doesn't it? Robyn, good luck today with your sketching and happy week to you, too! And I can't wait to meet you in person at the Nasher. We're going to have fun in the classes.

What a marvelous post this is. I can so relate to the heat issue--it really is hard to get going when the air is so hot and heavy. Loving your sense of adventure and variety with all your projects and I am truly looking forward to your sketching classes--you would think that would inspire me to get going--it's a Monday--always a good thing to start afresh--today is the day for at least a bit of sketching. Bonne semaine!!

I have been missing your work lately and have looked up some of my old favorites recently. Glad to see you being so busy...but I agree about the heat!

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