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January 29, 2016


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Dear Suma, thank you! I am honored that you have been following these posts over the years. I hope your year will be one of flourishing artwork and other life experiences!

Lucy, yes, I agree! and my goal is to somehow take some of the world I find on my travels and take it home and incorporate it into my artwork! In the past, these 'findings' were ideas and inspirations. Now to the realm of idea and inspiration I want to add something from the material world. We shall see how it goes. Thank you for your thoughtful comments both here and there, chez toi!

I always look forward to reading your "new year" posts. Can't wait to see what you do with nontraditional and natural materials!

How very inspiring you are! In less ambitious ways, I've always found the most satisfying things to bring back from travels are those that I can make something out of, or apply in some way to other made projects, like wool or buttons, or found objects like wood or stones or shells.

Thanks for your comment at mine, which I have answered.

Thank you, dear Kate. I'm so eager to dive into my "place" project!

Absolutely lovely. I painted with water from the lake I was putting in my journal a couple of weeks ago and thought of you! We ar on such parallel paths...

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