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February 29, 2016


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I absolutely adore this first drawing of branches : I love the txtures, I love that pure white standing out! Gorgeous!!!
These pages of your journal are so fresh, the lines so light and so confident at the same time! I'm glad to see you so busy and so full of projects! The feeling is contagious ;-)

Lovely scatterings of birds! Love the negative space as well. Like lovely silence around the birdsong.

Thank you, Kate! I guess I'd better find a place around here soon ;D. I'm thinking the farm of two of our friends, a beloved place to them, would be a good start.

Thank you, Maria! I'm eager to show you!

How exciting, I look forward to hearing about the new travel plan!

I'm especially drawn to that little brown chickadee type of bird in the second picture, middle of the bottom row, the fluidity of the line and the ink suggesting the quickness of the bird. But they're all marvellous, of course!


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