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August 10, 2017


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Thank you so much, Robyn! I've seen some of your brush pen work and it is delightful!

My goodness--I just got my Pentel pocket brush pen today and started using it--I had totally forgotten about this entry--so apparently ESP occurred--and I got your message thru other means. So funny! And I love it--I can see that I shall easily go crazy with squiggles and flourishes--it glides along so beautifully--fortunately I ordered the 10 cartridge package so I've got ink to spare. Love these drawings of yours--little Miles, so precious.

Thank you so much, Marly! Yes, the technique, much pared down in the end, worked well! The essay won't be published until October or November, but I will post it once it has been. xoxo

Lovely loose skirling and quickness! Hope it all came right the next day... <3

Thank you, dear Kate. I was surprised to see all the uses I'd put the brush pen to over the years. I was looking particularly at landscape images and there are many more of them, so these are just a sample. Funny how certain art materials fit us better than others!

I love the way our sketches offer up a time machine of life...sweet memories! These are so beautiful, and so YOU...

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