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August 31, 2017


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Thank you so much, Marly. xx

Thank you, dear Robyn! It's a struggle for me... painting, that is. It always is. Drawing is my native language ;D. I loved the Sai brush pens when I used them a few years ago... they are highly pigmented, which is nice. Fun to think of you making art with your granddaughters!
Thank you for your love and good wishes for me. I send you the same. xxo

Laura--your Alaska paintings have so much texture--they are palpable. Love seeing your daughter so at home with you. It's time for me to pull out my brush pens. Bought a set of SAI colored brush pens to use with my granddaughters and have tried using them with the addition of a brush and water--sometimes to interesting effects and plenty of times, not so much. Sending you love, adventure and lots of time to sketch on your next trip to Wales.

Thank you very much, Ms Marly!

Oh, thank you, dear Kate! I'm so happy you like my brush pen goings on! ;D

Lovely, and such a range in three!

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