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January 09, 2018


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Cathy, it's always such a pleasure to hear from you! You are making fabulous mixed media pieces and I always, as you said about me, enjoy seeing what you've been up to! Happy new year to you, too!

Thank you very much, Robyn. It's a matter of putting the time in, frustration ( sometimes to the uttermost!) , as I'm sure you will agree. I was waylaid, or let myself be waylaid, by non-painting art assignments too many times last year

Inspiring post for a new year! I love what you've been doing lately; I've just taken the time to have a look at your last works. Love tha t long drawing of rock formation, love the sketches of gardens (as always), love the exquisite sketches with the limited palette (the teapot, the flowers!!!), ... I wish I had time to come more often, but to be honest, if I had more time I'd spend it painting more :-D
Keep up the work, the awareness, it's always a pleasure to pop by and see what you've been up to and to see the path you've taken. Happy (creative) new year!

Laura--these are marvelous and free images with so much energy. I feel your pain (I can't seem to get started yet this year) and love your approach--I seem to have too many interruptions mentally and otherwise and thank you for this post--I see your progress and get the message--get going, try something to get off the dime--and I shall. I must say the portrait and hyacinth are beyond wonderful--you could frame and hang and enjoy them without hesitation.

Joyce, I think the year is well underway, too! There'll be many missteps and despairs, but on we go! Thank you for your exceptionally nice comment.

Thank you so much, dear Annie. And happiest of new years to you, my friend.

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