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May 02, 2018


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Thank you, Nina! I took some gouache with me on our last trip to Wales...if you scroll down to that post, you'll see a jellyfish painted with gouache. But where I go, it takes FOREVER for paint to dry and that makes it impractical for me. I wish that weren't the case, because I love gouache (the little bit I've used it over the years) and I love what you do with it! I believe your gouache sketches are smaller than my typical ones, so maybe they dry faster??

Thank you, Robyn! I will have to check which pen I used there... I don't often use them for the reasons you gave! I believe a big Pitt artist's pen in white works well-ish for bigger areas (though the white is not opaque), but for the Bergen drawing, a gel pen worked fine on those tiny lights. I do mostly use white crayons.

Thank you, dear Kate! It's going to be a challenge getting everything into the carryon for a trip that will have such varied weather! Good thing we can wash out shirts and pants, etc. ;D.

Can't WAIT to see what you bring back with you! I'm impressed if you can get all that into a carryon...seasoned traveler, you are! Have a wonderful time...

Oh boy--this is the most fun! I want all those supplies and to be out in the wilds with you. What excitement. Love the supply list--which white get pen? I've tried several the Classic Gelly Roll and the Signo Uniball--they both skip and have to be primed often. Am I missing a better option? I thought I might try this one--Elmer's Painters Opaque Paint Marker, Medium --gets mixed reviews but I love to have a strong white in my battery.

I hope David will take a few videos of you at work--this is so exciting.

well, I would take a tube of white gouache and a small set probably too - working on toned paper will be amazing with it. And it will work well with all the other materials you listed :)

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