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October 11, 2020


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Dearest Jeffery, this house would not have achieved lift off without Moreton, you and Stanley, and Ippy and Neil. David and I have felt such support and love and inspiration from all of you as we took this big step into a new life. Much love to you and Stanley and all.

Thank you, Annie. I'm glad you like our house. Luckily for me, I have seen two full moons already from our bedroom windows. They overlook the garden so it's really a grand view all around!

It has been such a joy watching your transform this magical house into your new home and how the house and its history has inspired your transformation of it. It is what the house has been waiting for! You and David and your eye for beauty and space and color.

Yes, Laura, and Kate, that is what I would try to get, if it were my dream house-- lifting the space and filling with light. Then bring in the outside if possible, a little, too.

Especially the moon if the windows were on that side of the house. I am a lover of moon watching. When I moved my mobile home to my daughter's farm I asked the movers to arrange the angle so I could watch the moon from my living room. He stared at me and said, "Whadda ya, anyway, a werewolf??" And he didn't do it. Maybe did not know how, LOL.

Yes, Katherine, that is certainly a key difference. My goal from the outset was to make the interior an airy envelope for our artwork and belongings, taking full advantage of the 12' ceilings. Of course, the stunning architectural elements such as the wainscoting, the planked ceilings, the 6 over 6 windows gave lots of character to that 'envelope!' I also used my customary saturated colors and antique pieces as accents in a neutral, airy matrix, another key difference. Also, and most important, I made light happen in a potentially dark house!!

The thing I noticed most - apart from the change in wall colours was that the previous house had most of its visual activity in the bottom half of the picture - whereas your photos of your rooms neatly illustrate the benefit of introducing some tall verticals and generally lifting the level of the eye.

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