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October 11, 2020


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Thank you so much, Angelika! I will keep updating!

I agree with your first take of the house/rooms when you first toured the house. My thought was that the rooms are too dark. I love what you have done so far with your new house, it looks bright and inviting and I get the vibe that the house also likes her new look and is happy that you guys bought the house. Many, many happy years in that beautiful house. Keep the before and after photos coming.

Thank you, love! Yes, I wanted the paint to lift the space, not to cut it up! I had in mind originally for the walls several pretty saturated colors but the house didn't want that, or so I felt. I listened to the house ;D. And light! We must have light!!!

I love the light, and the less-chopped-up feeling (the wainscoting and the walls being so different, before, seemed to close things up)and oh YES open shutters! When I used to visit Joseph before we were married, the first thing I'd do was throw open the shutters! :D

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